Volume 1 Issue 5 – Design me something

Roll for Initiative Issue (episode) # 5: Design Something

Hello Folks, we are back with a new show, and yes you read that correctly, we are now calling the shows, Issues, instead of Episodes. Why? WELL you will have to listen to find out. This week Vince and Jayson, lead you on building a DM Screen, The Gas Spore, Player Backgrounds Advice, the Necklace of Alteration, tips on grading your players and an interview segment with S&W developer Matthew Finch. Enjoy everyone! Happy New Year!

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04:24 Feature 1 – Building your DM Screen
11:54 Creature Feature Theatre – The Gas Spore
17:08 Playing Tips – Character Backgrounds
27:27 Dragon’s Hoard – The Necklace of Alteration
34:35 The Library – Interview: Matthew Finch
01:10:15 Stickler’s Spotlight – Grading your players DM


8 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 5 – Design me something

  1. Could you guys flesh out the “the Necklace of Alteration” in your Dragon’s Horde? It must be a pretty obscure item because I couldn’t find much on it.

    Plus, the Finch interview was awesome.

  2. For sure I can do that. I just got back from vacation, and my body still thinks it’s some time tomorrow instead of today, but I’ll be back on podcast & site updatin duty pretty quick like.

  3. Thanks so much for the interview with Matthew Finch, really interesting to hear him talk about games!

    I’m one of the 400! 🙂

    Really enjoyed this episode guys, keep it up!

  4. This show glitches out about 40 minutes in, and I cannot hear the whole interview with Mr. Finch.

  5. Yet another great show. I am looking forward to using the training rules discussed at the earliest opportunity. Keep up the good work!

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