Volume 1 Issue 4 – Research me a wish!

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Another episode of RFI comes to you this week, as YOUR X-Mas gift! Listen in as DM Vincent and Jayson go through the game you loved to play, and thinking about starting to play again. Join us as we talk about spell research, Wish spells, the singing sword, all along teach you how to keep track of things, while hiding from the featured Creature this week… Relive the memories, the stories and best of all…. Keep it original….Keep it OLD SCHOOL!

Sage Advice – 05:06
Feature 1 – 17:54
Creature Feature Theatre – 41:30
Diary of Thane – 51:54
Playing Tips – 01:00:59
Dragon’s Hoard – 01:29:29
Stickler’s Spotlight – 01:16:56
The Library – 01:28:44


7 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 4 – Research me a wish!

  1. Question about intro music – isn’t the intro music you use right after the show title annoucement from Baldurs Gate?

  2. Great podcast guys! I’m looking for the tome table mentioned in this episode and I can’t find it here in the show notes, or on the d20 forums.

  3. I remember researching lots of spells when I played 1st ed.. The only “new” spell I remember creating was cure/cause insanity. I was a Chaotic Neutral Dark Elf Cleric/Fighter/Magic User who venerated Pan.

  4. “Like a liberal listening to Rush Limbaugh”. That was funny, though I would have characterized it in the opposite direction. I think that would have been more appropriate seeing as how us old school types are the ‘crunchy cons’ of role-playing games and proud of it! Something like a conservative having to endure listening to a Janeane Garofalo. Keep up the good work!

  5. I never liked the game version of field plate and full plate. Historically, field plate simply refers to plate armor worn on the battlefield (as distinct from jousting armor and tournament armor). Field plate is full plate as it protected the mounted knight completely from head to toe.

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