Volume 1 Issue 1 – A Primer on Old-School Gaming

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Show notes for episode 1:

Main Feature: A Primer on Old School Gaming
Creature Feature Theater: Creeping Pit
Game Mechanics: Combat
The Dragon’s Horde: Deck of Many Things
Stickler’s Spotlight: Weapon Speed
The Library: George Stone: “A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor”


15 thoughts on “Volume 1 Issue 1 – A Primer on Old-School Gaming

  1. Hey guys, very good first show. If you have experience podcasting, or in recorded media, it shows. I appreciate the format, i.e. breaking up the show with Creature Feature, Dragons Horde, Game Mechanics…etc. it makes it easy to jump back to a specific area of the show.
    I had previously read the old time gaming primer. I appreciated hearing your take on it. Keep it up.

  2. I’m interested in the discussion of ‘heroes, not superheroes.’ Have either of you ever played 6e- it’s a variant on 3rd edition play that’s intended to recreate the feel of low level play, using 3rd edition rules? And if so, how did it do, as compared to actually playing 1st edition? I realize there are many differences, I’m just asking about the atmosphere of the game.

  3. Finally… an Old School podcast! This is terrific, guys. It was also a brilliant decision to kick off with Finch’s Old School Primer. I always give copies of that to anyone interested in OS gaming.

    I also like the fact that Vincent and Jayson seem to have different gaming styles (gritty, rules-based vs. improvisatory, narrative). I can see the potential for a Scully/Mulder-type counterpoint there that could give your show an interesting dynamic that is missing from other RPG podcasts where the hosts all share the same tastes.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I’m the guy who created the Creeping Pit (back in the day) and it was really neat to discover you guys talking about it! Keep up the great work!

  5. congratulations guys! i just discovered this site, from DF forum. keep the great word!

    cheers from Brazil

  6. Hi guys.

    I’m a very late discoverer of gaming in general and RPG’s in particular. I’ve played DnD 3.5 a few times and I’m very eager to start my own group as DM. As such I’m heavy into researching for this project as I don’t have 20 years of gaming behind me to draw from. I really want to play something less rules intensive than 3.5 and I’ve kind of decided on Castles & Crusades, which has many similarities, (so I’m told) to the old-time DnD. I’m very happy to discover your excellent show. I’m sure I’ll be drawing lots of inspiration and helpful hints from your episodes.


  7. Just a quick comment to say Im listening to your shows….. Im up to episode 10… Great show… Im a 2nd edition player and I just wonder why you like 1st more than 2nd… I dont have a lot of experience with 1st. I find the 2nd edition very compatible with first edition and played several 1st edition modules.

    2nd suits me better because I like flexability, so many optional rules. Also, most importantly I like the 2nd editions take on monsters. I think 2nd edition went away from demons and the monsters feel more classic. I love the new dragons that is my #1 thing Id change if I was to play ODD. I love the revamped dragons though my players never encountered them 😉 Im going to start playing again very soon and I hope you guys keep up the good work with the show 😀

  8. just found this site due to an interview one of you did at the North Texas RPG Con 2014. Rushed here and I love your pod cast!!!! Finally something worth my time to listen to!! Will be binge listening to get caught up. Thank you for doing this outstanding podcast!!!

  9. Sorry for Necroing this

    Just found your podcast and decided to start at the beginning and the latest one until I’m current. Anyway, I just wanted say that i found that book, “A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor” on Amazon for 15.00 dollars and they have even less expensive copies.

    I enjoyed the podcast.

  10. Great podcast, just started listening tonight. I’m a 1e/2e player so I appreciate what you guys are doing. Another general reference work on historical weapons and armour that I would recommend is “The Complete Encyclopedia of Arms and Weapons” by Claude Blair and Leonid Tarassuk. As far as the Deck of Many Things, I think tarot cards would make excellent props for that as well, especially with so many different ones that are available nowadays. Keep up the good work.

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