Podcast Update! I brought it back, for how long? Who knows!

I brought back my little solo podcast that I started many years ago on Anchor.fm, which was bought out by Spotify, so I guess you can call it, a Spotify podcast at this point. While it was a fun thing to do, I let it fall by the wayside, because I was more interested in doing Youtube. Podcasting was something I started way back in the early 2000s with live365, and then talkshoe, and finally my own websites with podcasting. Some say that I am responsible for bringing the OSR into the podcast sphere, while I really don’t agree with that, they can say what they want, I am just happy people picked up podcasting and expressing the love for the games they enjoy playing.

Well its 2024 and while most people don’t really do podcasting much anymore and stick to YT or Tiktok videos, I still think a good podcast about certain subjects is an excellent media for people to digest. You can’t watch tiktok/youtube in the car or on your daily walks, so what’s the next best thing? Podcasting. So here I am getting back into my roots as I do this solo podcast thing. Whether it be about gaming, TV shows, Movies or comics, I will chit chat about it in a hopefully digestible size for you to consume during those times you need something to fill your ear holes. Enjoy, here are the latest three episodes I did:




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