Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 55

In the latest episode of the podcast, the group is still navigating their way through hell, encountering new challenges along the way. Their latest obstacle is a treacherous river that they must cross with the help of a boatman. The journey is filled with tension as the group is uncertain about what lies ahead.
After some time, the group comes across a ruined town and decides to explore it. As they walk through the deserted streets, they come across a house known as “Althor.” It is here that they hope to find the coveted Soul Gem.
Upon entering the house, the group quickly realizes that they are not alone. As they attempt to navigate the house and find the soul gem. Do they get back together or is someone left behind? What happens when they get back?
With each step, the group now looks at each other on what to do and how to handle Shep.
Steven playing – Seran – Elf – Palladin
Geoff playing – Lord Lee – Human – Knight
Corey playing – Nova – Human – Summoner
Jakob playing – Shep – Human – Actor
Sarah playing – Lady Astrid – Human – Undead Hunter
Vince is the Game Master
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