The World of Arkonis Episode 33 – Steve has been poisoned! Oh no!

Steve and the Monsignor fall ill to a poison cookie as the group has to head into the sewers to find the “Well of Wellness” (thanks Geoff for that name lol). Rupert tells them the sewers are a very dangerous place as that is Morlock territory and they don’t like visitors. Listen in as the group plunges into the sewers in search of the well and of course take on more then they can handle!
Characters on the show:

* Steven – Ulfric (Dwarven Cleric)
* Geoff – Lord Faulk (Gnome Illusionist)
* David – Old Humey (Wood Elf Druid)
* Sarah – Rozz (Human Trickster)
* Corey – Steve (Human Fighter)

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