Minor Thoughts on Quest Items as I prep for the podcast.

This weekend when we sit down to record the Pocket Mimic Podcast, after we do the main show, we will be sitting down to do the After Dark show, and we will be talking about, Designing up a item worth questing for, along with trying to throw up a seed or two for using that item in your campaign.

I really enjoy designing up custom items in any edition I play, but it seems that with 5e, its been the easiest so far as there is no real rules for things and its clearly outlined for you in the book.

I’m working on an item that allows you to see traps, invisible items, and provides you with a ghostly hand that will help guide you to the object you seek.

But you’ll hear more on the show this weekend, speaking of which, why not head over to iTunes or google play podcasts and subscribe to the Pocket Mimic Podcast!

What items have you created and do you find them easy, hard or don’t bother with it?

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