Interesting idea for a Monster, a Soul sucking mirror.

Exploring ideas for creepy monsters today when I was looking at the mirror… yep, I’ll wait for the jokes. *looks around, then down waiting for insults*
Anyhow, I was looking at the mirror and then I thought about the Evil Dead 2 movie, in the scene where Ash was looking at himself and then the reflection comes to life grabbing him by the shoulders.

I was thinking that could be a neat monster to have in a temple or maybe in an ancient tomb.
So how does it work, or how am I picturing it?
As you enter the room/Temple/Tomb you see this old ornate dusty mirror hanging from the wall, it appears to be nothing more then a fancy looking mirror against the wall inside this basically empty room.
Here’s where the fun starts.
If the character looks at the mirror (because everyone does, even if its a glance and as a DM you can always say you notice something off about it when you see your reflection) the character must make a saving throw, if he fails the save, his reflection reaches out and yanks his soul into the mirror. The body remains outside the mirror still looking in, as a lifeless body. The body will not move unless forced away, BUT should the body be moved from looking at the mirror, the soul will not be able to escape out of the mirror back into its body. The only way at this point would be to place the body in front of the mirror looking into it.
NOW inside the mirror, its a warped looking world inside a small pocket dimension, where your soul is confused and at disadvantage the whole time, and must fight his way out against some soul sucking horror demon. The character inside the mirror will see at a long distance away from him the other side of the mirror and his body standing there looking at him.
This could a load of fun for a DM, as he could have it completely dark inside, and the horror stalking him. You could easily say the character hears noises, make do a bunch of rolls for no reason. You could even roll for no reason the player is having his character exploring around looking to get out. LOADS OF FUN CAN BE HAD!
I want to also note at this time should the mirror be smashed that would trap the soul in the mirror forever to find another way out.
This is one pretty nasty creature, because not only does the character’s actions inside the mirror determine his fate, the party on the outside can as well.
Things I need to figure out:
I am debating on if I want to make this mirror a one at a time show or can capture various characters who look into it.
And if its just one character at a time, do the other characters in the party see everything that is going on for the soul trapped in there like watching a movie or does it act like a normal mirror at this point?
Anyone have ideas?

2 thoughts on “Interesting idea for a Monster, a Soul sucking mirror.

  1. I've done something similar, but what they have to fight inside the mirror is a twisted version of themselves with the same stats and equipment, etc.

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