Volume 4 Issue 163 – The OSR: The Past, Present & Future

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Table Manners: The OSR: Past, Present, & Future 10:21.345
1. History
a. 1999
i. Dragonsfoot.org starts
ii. Other fan websites
b. 2000
i. 3rd ed D&D
1. OGL (Open Gaming Licence)
a. Associated SRD (System Reference Doc)
2. Backlash from a vocal minority of gamers
a. Didn’t like new system
ii. Necromancer Games
1. Modules
a. “3rd ed rules, 1st ed feel”
c. 2001
i. Hackmaster
1. KenzerCo
2. Permission to use older game engine from WotC
a. Clause: must have “parody elements”
b. Is AD&D at its core
d. 2004
i. Castles and Crusades
1. Troll Lord Games
2. Simplified 3rd ed D&D mechanic
a. Intended to mimic 1st ed AD&D
e. 2006
1. “retro-clone”
2. In all aspects, IS 1st ed AD&D
f. 2006 onward
i. MANY retro-clones available
1. Some FREE
ii. WoTC’s response?
1. PDFs of virtually the whole TSR catalog
2. Re-release AD&D 1st and 2nd ed core books
2. Types
a. Emulate OD&D
i. Swords and Wizardry
1. Mythmere Games
b. B/X, BCEMI, Rules Cyclopedia
i. B/X companion
1. B/X Blackrazor
ii. Labyrinth Lord
1. Goblinoid Games
iii. Lamentations of the Flaming Princess
1. B/X with weird fantasy
a. VERY twisted
c. 1st Ed AD&D
i. Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Compendium
1. Goblinoid Games
1. Old School Reference and Index Compilation
d. Other Retro-Clones
i. Adventures Dark & Deep
1. “What if” EGG wrote 2nd ed AD&D
2. BRW Games
ii. Basic Fantasy Role-Playing
1. Uses d20 system, by heavily modified to 1980s RPG style
iii. Castles & Crusades
1. Troll Lord Games
iv. Dungeon Crawl Classics
1. Goodman Games
a. Inspired by Appendix N of AD&D DMG
e. Magazines
i. Knockspell
1. Mythmere Games
ii. Fight On!
iii. Footprints
1. Dragonsfoot.org
1. Gold Piece Publications
v. Gygax Magazine
1. Started by our own DM Jayson!
Creature Feature: Demon Boar – Labyrinth Lord Monster Manual pg 71 1:09:20.934
The Dragon’s Hoard: Magic items from Fight On! #1 1:17:25.597

10 thoughts on “Volume 4 Issue 163 – The OSR: The Past, Present & Future

  1. Seriously, I really want to hear this one, but I don’t listen via I-tunes. Please don’t tell me the listen/download link is going away after all this time.

  2. The page is fixed now. And update to powerpress didn’t like our wordpress theme, so we needed to enable a fix for it. So all the download links should be visible now.

  3. Hey guys, great show! I love the fairly detailed history Nick went into on the OSR. I agree that Hackmaster was, most likely, the first signal of the OSR.

    One clarification: The demon boar of Labyrinth Lord is actually based on the devil swine from the B/X Expert book page X30. They are almost exactly the same monster. But I think “devil swine” is not part of the OGL, possibly. So demon boar is a good stand-in.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. Jvwest beat me too it, but demon boar is from BX ( as I is a npc in my Mystara campaign)

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