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Back when we were kids in the ’80s, gaming was a big mystery, and picking up a new game that peaked your interest was happening almost every time you went into a gaming store. Which resulted in playing a new games for weeks upon weeks, until we got bored and someone found a new game to play. Then we would always cycle back into other games and the whole thing moved on again. It was easy. Some people continued playing games the rest of their life, while others stopped during/after high school and then at some point later in their life, watched a movie, read a book or just start chatting with someone about playing games, and the itch to play returns. Before the internet, this was not that easy to just jump back into the games you loved as a kid. The only thing you had to go on, was the local gaming store, and hope you found some people nice enough to help you (which people did).
These days, its very easy to get back into that old game you used to love with the internet and social media. Basically, now if you are even interested in a game, you can do a quick Google search on the game, and then start reading away. After you are done reading, you can join a forum where like minded people play the game still and chat about it. From there you can expand out, listening to podcasts of how people play or handle the game you are interested in. The only thing stopping you from getting back into your love of the game, is you.
My suggestions to getting back into a game you used to love is that first things first, buy and read the main book(s). Jot down things that do not make sense to your mind, and then Google those things, you might come up with answers to those questions. Next you could take those questions to the forums or podcasts you’ve found. From there you can start jotting down more notes, even start your own blog to explore your learning process as you progress. Gamers love to help new gamers learn their game. Why? because it keeps the games alive!
What are you thoughts about helping someone or getting back into a game you haven’t played in a while?

2 thoughts on “The Evil GM – Getting back into that game you used to play..

  1. In the spring of '91 my last campaign wrapped up — I got married and moved. Boxed up my stuff and never expected to play again. Still not sure why I didn't get rid of the box.

    Fast forward to 2005. I pulled the box out of the attic and showed my sons, then ages 7 and 8. They got all excited, and suddenly I was DMing again.

    What did I do to prepare? Nothing special. I read through the race, stat, and class sections of the PH. Reviewed the low level spells. Dug through the MM for low level monsters and ensured I remembered enough.

    Then we played. To be honest, at their ages I could have totally screwed up and they would have had fun. Bashing monsters was cool!

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