Volume 3 Issue 127 – Fighters

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Table Manners – Fighters 26:44.214

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6 thoughts on “Volume 3 Issue 127 – Fighters

  1. Hey guy’s I’m somewhat new to DMing
    I run a game with 2 players atm for about 30 to 40 minutes per day.
    I run a Basic D&D game with some AD&D mechanics till they get past level 3.

    The party is a thief, ranger, and Paladin.
    We are playing KOTB mod B2.

    We’ve just got to the first cave and I feel in the future I will have trouble understanding some rules, such as the way you explained combat with multiple hits for fighters.

    I do not understand the chart in the PHB that explains this.
    Is there a article explaining it.

    Also once they get back level 3 what would you recommend I use for combat matrixes the DM’s guide is cumbersome and I don’t own a DM’s Screen.

    Also I need to nerf my paladin. Well I enjoy having fun and making my players feel triumphant, but so far our paladin is far to OP.

    He’s got extraordinary strength and basically now hits a +8 to hit vs a chaotic evil monster. The keep is basically going to be destroyed do to him.

    Also When having extraordinary strength does one roll percentile to hit or a d20? How does it work. So far I use a mix of the two systems and ideas from 3rd,etc

    Another issue is due to our games the paladin doesn’t really go to the church and I need to explain to him he needs to donate some of his money. Or should I take like 100 gold every week? I count every return to the keep as a day. Unless they decide to camp out.
    Though I just need some advice, I don’t do the weight thing for gold and treasure, unless in a large chest or bag. So usually they just pack up and go back to their base and store it.

    Thanks for any help you can give me I’ll send an email with less bulk next time.

  2. Sorry for the super long comment if I could edit it I would.
    One of the mistakes is I meant that the paladin would basically murder the entire cave system in KATBL

    Also I think I might use that lich idea in the Temple it sounds awesome. To have a quest and only to find out that they are aiding someone evil.

  3. Colin, I’ll try and answer some of your questions.

    • First, regarding the multiple attacks of fighters, keep in mind that fighters level 1-6 get only 1 attack per round. Now that said, when fighting a creature or NPC of less then 1 hit dice (i.e. something with a hit dice of less then a d8) then that fighter regardless of his/her own level is entitled to as many attacks as he/she has levels. Thus a 2nd level fighter can attack a kobold twice per round. But when facing an orc, the same 2nd level fighter gets only 1 attack per round as orcs are 1 hit dice creatures (they roll a d8 for hit points).

    *As for the paladin being over-powered, there are rules built into the system to keep them under control. First, paladins are not fighters and as such are not entitled to percentile strength. Many GMs allow them (and rangers) to have extraordinary strength as they are a fighter sub-class but strict interpretation of the PH will reveal that only fighters (not fighter sub-classes) get to add in a percentil for an 18 strength. This means that max bonus on your paladin’s to-hit and damage based on strength caps at +1 to-hit and +2 on damage. And also keep in mind that paladins cannot specialize in weapons. So barring a magical sword’s bonus to-hit bonus, they should never get more then a +1 to-hit bonus. Now if the paladin has a Holy Avenger (which is not likely at 3rd level) they do get to do an addition +10 damage to chaotic evil foes.

    Along the same lines, the paladin has no choice when it comes to obeying the strictures of their religion. They either do and remain paladins in good standing, or they blow it off and become fighters. So whether or not your Player’s fighter needs to regularly attend church comes down to whether that is a stricture of his religion. And that most likely is up to you as the GM to determine since it is your world. At the very least though, I would expect a paladin to pay their respects to those temples and shrines dedicated to their deity as they come across them in their adventuring (not to mention that they must obviously visit such places once a month to tithe). To do so without a good reason or only when it’s convenient would be both an insult to their diety as well as a chaotic act (as their would be no real planning or discipline of regularity involved, and that means they would no longer be a paladin).
    The same chain of thought can be applied to the issue of tithing. They either do it as required or become be stripped of their paladinhood and become a fighter. I wouldn’t withdraw said tithe for your player, that’s the player’s responsibility. But you can give him/her an IC nudge via a sign from their diety; perhaps he stumbles across a rather loud burning bush or the next time he sleeps he gets a nastygram from his diety’s avatar saying pay up or ship out.

    • As for treaure weight, just think of it this way, pick up a bag of pennies and then ask yourself how many such bags can you carry while walking all day. Factor this into wearing armor and also carrying provisions. You’ll have a good idea real fast why people today use credit cards.:)
  4. ***When having extraordinary strength does one roll percentile to hit or a d20? How does it work. So far I use a mix of the two systems and ideas from 3rd,etc

    Sorry, I forgot this one. When one has extraordinary strength (this being either above-average strength that allows bonus’ on to-hit and damage rolls or strength scores over a straight 18, ie an 18/75 str) you roll attacks as usual but factor in the associated bonus to the normal d20 roll to-hit.

  5. Ok didn’t see that.
    Wow I did not even know that paladins were limited in those aspects. I will fix this.
    He has not done any tithe yet. And I think I can nerf him due to this lack.
    The reason I don’t really cover these detailed things is we have a LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME to play each day about 40-45 minutes so minute things like going back to the keep or praying was not detailed. I’ll explain it to him though so he can atleast say he did this and such.
    So I will nerf Sir Jakothia with something like you recommended, so I will be able to nudge to him that he needs to pay tithe and nerf him to standard paladin hood.

    I always assumed that he’d pray, yet I was looking for a way for him to do the tithe thing. I’ll ask him and discuss it.

    Thanks for the help 🙂

    If I have any more questions I’ll ask, but yeah thanks for the help.

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