Volume 3 Issue 113 – Dungeon Magazine

This weekend RFI is joined by DM Chrispy, as they cover the adventures contained in Dungeon Magazine #5

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Table Manners   – Dungeon Magazine #5 26:33.716

  • Rotting Willow
  • Lady of the Lake
  • The Stolen Power
  • The Kappa of Pachee Bridge
  • Trouble with Mylvin Wimbly
  • The Eyes of Evil
  • Hirward’s Task

MP3 Download – http://archive.org/download/RollForInitiativePodcast/RFI113.mp3

2 thoughts on “Volume 3 Issue 113 – Dungeon Magazine

  1. A Book of Infinite Spells – old edition, would have a chance of “flipping pages” every time a spell is cast from it. The idea is that the book can always “advance”, but can’t go back to previous pages. Then, when the owner gets to the last page and it “flips” to the end of the book, it “teleports” away.

  2. This one was a fun listen! I for one would love to hear more dungeon magazine episodes. Keep up the good work!

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