Volume 3 Issue 102 – Gygax Magazine

This week RFI talks to DM Jayson about the upcoming release of Gygax Magazine and his new company, TSR Games.


4 thoughts on “Volume 3 Issue 102 – Gygax Magazine

  1. Hey there! I’m a big fan of the show. I was sure that I heard you guys direct submissions of traditional media artwork to Jayson’s old rfi email last episode. Now I’m wondering whether i made some mistake or other. I work almost exclusively with traditional media and I was hoping for at least a harsh rejection with some advice on how to create something more acceptable.

    Thanks fellas, you do an excellent show and its been nice to hear from Jayson again.

  2. Hey guys. I typed a long message and lost it but it basically said that i sent an email to jayson’s old rfi email because i thought you had directed submissions of traditional media artwork there. I’m wondering now whether its too soon to expect a rejection or if i made some mistake or other in sending. Anyway, you guys do an excellent show and its nice hearing from jayson again after so much time

  3. Great to hear from DM Jason again. The Gygax magazine will be a big hit.

    Big hello to regular crew, keep up the fine work, you should be very proud of this excellent catalogue of 1st ed D&D podcasts.

    Loved the review of classic D&D modules you began, keep it going!! Can I suggest you consider a regular slot for discussing a particular locale within Gygax’s Greyhawk setting. Keep the candle burning for arguably the best campaign setting of all time. Where else can you walk the lands where such iconic D&D characters (Mordenkainen, Tenser, Bigby etc.) have walked before you!

    Looking forward to your next podcast
    Tel from Gold Coast Australia.

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