RFI Podcast Contest: Win the core three 1E reprints!

This week on the Roll for Initiative podcast, DM Will announced his contest and the prize is a copy of the AD&D 1E Reprints done by WOTC! Details of the contest are as follows:
The Prize, the three core reprint books for AD&D 1E! a $100 value!

Submit to: RFIStaff(@)gmail(.)Com with the follow info:
– Full name
– Address
– email address
– Forum name at OSRGaming (if you have).

– First Edition Core Rules style only.
– A Halloween theme’d adventure.
– Minimum of 25 rooms with boxed text.
– Pictures optional.
– Full text of monsters.
– At least a hand drawn map, keyed with numbers.
– In word or PDF format

http://paizo.com/writersguidelines/dung … elines.pdf

Due date:
Nov 1st, 2012 — 11:59PM EST*

*Note: Contest subject to cancellation due to lack of entries. All entries become properity of RFI and WGP, LLC.

Example modules:

B3 – Palace of the Silver Princess
UK2 – The Sentinel
UK3 – The Gauntlet

Monster Box Text Example:

Annis AC: 0, HD: 7+3-12, HP: 61 #Att: 3, DMG: 2-9+7/2-9+7/3-9+7(natural attacks claw/claw/bite), Special Attacks: Grappling, Special Defenses: 100% vs illusion/phantasm magic, iron skin, AL: CE, Experience Points: 1910 XP

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