Volume 2 Issue 93 – Talislanta

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Hi guys, I am a pretty new listener and am listening to your back catalogue, not in chronological order, but just what sounds like a good topic at that time to me. Love the show! Anyway, I do have a couple comments/questions stemming from a couple different episodes.
In Episode 19, someone had written in about you guys not liking the newer versions of D&D. Which of course is fine, but the reason why for DM Nick (I think) had me scratching my head at his comments. He said it was more like World of Warcraft than WoW itself was, quoting a review from elsewhere. I have to ask, did he ever play 4E to give it a chance before he said something so ridiculous? Admittedly, I only played WoW for the 10 day free trial they had, but I don’t see how 4E can relate in any way. Can we get a better explanation? If he doesn’t like it, then that’s his opinion and he is free to have it, but to compare it to something like that is just amazing to me. I have heard the argument several times in the past and it just seems like the “easy/popular answer” for people that do not really have an answer.

In Episode 81 (Knights and Cavaliers) DM Will said that the Knights of Solamnia from Dragonlance have no code that they follow. Will seems like a very knowledgeable guy about what he is talking about, and especially since Dragonlance has been mentioned before, even having both Margaret and Tracy on your show before, I figured that someone would have been able to speak up and correct him. Knights of Solamnia ALL have a code that every one of them follows, Est Sularus uth Mithas, My Honor is my Life. This code has been around since the Knights were founded, thousands of years in the past. On page 16 of Dragonlance Adventures, it talks extensively about the Oath and Measure for each order, including several examples of the text from their volumes of the Measure. Plus they are Lawful Good, so that right there is somewhat a Code of Conduct in itself. Also he says the Knights come from different areas, which is just completely wrong. Solamnia is a large country, and at the time of AD&D was being used, only those of noble human blood in Solamnia could apply to knighthood.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask these things, as I am a huge fan of Dragonlance and also an avid 4E player. But I have bought the 1E core rule books premium reprints, and am now looking forward to getting together with some of my older gaming friends. We started with 2E and have moved forward, but we are now looking forward to taking a step back in time to play some AD&D. Keep up the (mostly) good work, and I’ll keep listening and hopefully I will be soon playing it Old School!!

DM Raistlinrox

Table Manners – Races and Classes in Talislanta 30:37.133

Talislanta – The Epic Tabletop Roleplaying Game – Final Edition (6th Ed)

Game Mechanics – Combat in Talislanta 54:07.860
Talisantan Handbook pg 6

The Dragon’s Hoard – Magic and Money in Talislanta 1:07:50.000
Magic – Talisantan Handbook pg 8
Money – Talisantan Handbook pg 71

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2 thoughts on “Volume 2 Issue 93 – Talislanta

  1. @DM Raistlinrox

    The main reason for the comparison of 4e and video games is the entire tone of the game is completely changed. It is like a bag of holding became standard equipment.

    4e completely breaks the resource management aspect of the game, which is something every magic user knew; players felt with every GP of encumbrance; and Healing Surges and rests went so far as being a respawn. 3x started the breakage with its vielled, dire warnings against rulings over rules (I am convinced was a marketing gimmick) but 4e removes even the necessity for an impartial referre since the game can run itself – much like a plug and play video game, which is admittedly the accomplishment WotC was aiming for.

    I think you hear allot about the comparison because it is dead on accurate. I will listen to what the guys have to say in response when I listen to the podcast but I cannot believe they will have anything different to say.

    The amount of hand waving encouraged in 3x just reaches its apex by removing the need for a hand at all in 4e.

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