Volume 2 Issue 81 – Knights and Cavaliers

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I served as a sniper for several years in the army and your discussion of all the different factors in combat reminded me of all the different calculations in taking a shot, i.e. elevation, the wind, ballistic charts, humidity, range. 🙂

Gentlemen. I have been truly enjoying your podcast. As a new DM and new to AD&D, I am enjoying the freedom that it offers compared to its newest edition. What I do miss are what I consider some really basic information stats, such as “how far can a person not trained in jumping” jump, or what are some basic rules for sneaking around if you are not a thief, because a human fighter, trying to learn to sneak around and dual class into thief has to learn sometime. Do you just make it up on the fly or do you really have stacks and stacks of books you reference when you are playing. I am new and I only have a couple of the basics books so some advice would be appreciated.

Also, and please keep in mind that I am a novice (as the last time I played was back in college in the late eighties), do you apply the martial arts techniques to a monk, or is that just for fighter specialization?

Thanks guys!

DM Rob:
Love the show! I’ve been working my way through your back catalog and I’m almost caught up. I had been listening for a long while before picking up any first edition books but I am now a convert from 4e.

I recently picked up The Compleat Spell-Caster by the Bard Games. It claims to be a system-neutral supplement but it is obviously intended for AD&D and AD&D only. The alternative classes include witch/warlock, mystics, necromancers and sorcerers.

The new classes are pretty neat and I would like to convert them for a Castles & Crusades campaign. The only snag is that there are only 7 levels of spells for any of the classes, but first edition and C&C have 9 spell levels.

Is this normal for third-party supplements? What should I do if a player gets one of these classes to high levels and expects 8 and 9 level spells?

DJ Sir Mixalot:
Yo yo! Bizzie let’s do a demo togetha! Seriously. I noticed you guys stopped reading reviews, what happened?

Table manners – Knights and Cavaliers 25:02.666
Unearthed Arcana pg 14
Game Mechanics – 3d6 Save checks vs D20 Saves Checks 51:27.313

Creature Feature Theater – Jann 1:03:37.552
Monster Manual II – pg 77

The Dragon’s Hoard – Weapons with an Ego 1:18:11.202
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 176

Outro 1:25:44.882


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  1. Shaolin and Buddhist Monks are also monastic ascetics (In fact, western monks were not actually ascetic. Monasteries were filled with earthly riches. That’s why vikings raided them). The D&D monk has always been the eastern monk (that’s why I’ve always felt it should be dropped from the corebooks and put in Oriental Adventures).

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