Volume 1 Issue 49 – The Dungeon Masters

This week on RFI, we discuss the Dungeons and Dragons documentary, The Dungeon Masters. Is this something worth watching or is it a Mazes and Monsters for a new generation? Listen in and find out in this week’s issue of Roll For Initiative.

Intro – 0:00.000
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Sage Advice – 17:57.465

The Library – “The Dungeon Masters” – 34:44.00
The full movie on Hulu – http://www.hulu.com/watch/235709/the-dungeon-masters

Table Manners “Dice vs Dice Rollers” – 47:14.743

Creature Feature “Guardian Demon” – 54:07.210
Fiend Folio pg 49

Dragon’s Hoard – “Cloak of Displacement” – 1:01:43.744
Dungeon Master’s Guide pg 140

Outtro/10FtPole – 1:07:42.150


One thought on “Volume 1 Issue 49 – The Dungeon Masters

  1. Just a note on dice vs. dice-rollers, specifically about dice “apps:” I am comfortable using dice apps as a fall-back option when dice aren’t available in a specific situation.

    One of the great strengths of AD&D is that you can play it anywhere. Sure, you can play on a tabletop on Game Night, but you can also play at a bar, on a park bench, riding the bus, stuck in a car waiting at a train crossing, and so on. Unlike the more recent editions where a three-dimensional representation of the game world is not only assumed but required, with AD&D all one needs to play are dice, character records, and some way of taking notes. While I would never, NEVER use or allow dice apps at the gaming table, dice apps are great for just those situations. You’re stuck at the DMV and you want to get some gaming done? Slap your phone down on your thigh and you and any nearby friends can easily see all the die rolls as you continue the adventure. That way, if combat (or the rare other reason to roll the dice) occurs, you don’t have to stop for lack of space to roll dice.

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