Volume 1 Issue 46 – My Father was a Berserker

RFI returns this week, to give your fix of AD&D gaming goodness. They discuss fighting in the dark and firing into melee combat. A creature designed to torment magic users is the focus of Creature Feature Theater. And while RFI won’t toot their own horn, they will toot Valhalla’s when talking about the Horn of Valhalla. We have all of this and more in this weeks issue of Roll For Initiative.

Intro – 0:00.000
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Table Manners – Fighting in Darkness – 6:25.409

Game Mechanics – Firing into combat – 13:03.156
Dungeon Master’s Guide – pg 63

Creature Feature Theater – Terithran – 23:28.674
Fiend Folio – pg 87

The Dragon’s Hoard – Horn of Valhalla – 36:22.492
Dungeon Master’s Guide – pg 147

Outtro – 43:46.388


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