GMs — Having troubles with roleplay ideas?

I bought this book at Betacon last summer and never looked at it more then once, I actually bought it because, it was in the auction, and the money went to charity for helping kids with cancer. So I tossed it onto my pile of books to read if I was sick. WELL, that time has come, I’ve been sick so I pulled out this book, made by Last Unicorn Games (LUG for short), called Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) Narrator’s Toolkit. By the way, in case you are wondering, LUG is no longer around, as Wizards bought them out. (BOO!).


LUG has produced two “Narrator’s Toolkit” so far, one for the Star Trek: Then Next Generation setting and, more recently, the one for the Original Series setting (TOS). I can’t speak about the TOS book, but I can speak about the TNG one. Narrator’s Toolkit is full of useful tips for writing adventures and running a game. The book is written well, organized well and in some parts it will make you smirk (especially if you are a Trekkie).  The best part of this book, is that its not rules mechanic heavy, or quote various things from the core book of the game. Which means any advice you get here or ideas you are presented, could help run ANY GAME. There is sections are on how structure your adventure, where things should go to, kind of like a little mini-story board that directors use when first looking at a script to shoot film.

This book is almost a how to help with GM’ing book for anyone. I’d high recommend picking this up if you see it in the bargain bin or at an auction. Well worth the money and for $0.55 on amazon! Check it out!

One thought on “GMs — Having troubles with roleplay ideas?

  1. Thanks! I just picked up the other one, and I am reading through it, and its full of even more great ideas… great bunch of books. Great writers… WOTC was stupid to let these guys go.

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