Normally on Saturdays, decide to put up a funny picture or some type of chick picture, but not this week. I was on and saw the trailer to the “new Thundercats” cartoon. Yeah, you heard me, the new one. The cartoon I grew up with as a young teen and loved, has come back. WHY? Because everything comes back, because no one can figure out a single good original idea on their own. Its one thing to mess with movies and do remakes, I can deal with that, because its interesting..sometimes.. BUT CARTOONS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE. Give me a break, leave it alone and create something better… Why not creature something based off the Thundercats… like someone new found the Sword of Omens…Nah, that wont sell.

Why don’t I like it? Because its an attempt at studio executives to recreate what they loved as kids for profit, because the kids of today are spoiled beyond belief. If its not new and flashy, or on an iPhone or what not, the kids wont like it. I just love how these 8 year olds are walking around with cellphones, and playing on facebook, and acting like an adult. They are 8, go play video games, or play with Lego, or go outside.

This cartoon… I couldn’t even watch the full trailer as it made me want to puke. I’ve included it on this post so you too can vomit all over what was part of your childhood.

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