Episode 1 – Two Players, NO GM! Mythic Game Master Emulator

In this episode, which is audio only, next episode we will have full video of the table top, we meet our characters, Parker and Norm. Who set out alone after their survival group was overrun by a zombie attack. Parker & Norm, finally after walking for days in the rain find a nice neighborhood to try to accomplish their goal of finding a shelter, food & water. There is no GM in this situation and we are using the Game Master Emulator Second Edition tools, which can be loaded in Foundry VTT. This a learning experience for both myself and Geoff as neither of us has done anything like this, but we had an enjoyable time crafting a story and deciding how to roll the dice. Enjoy! Game Originally Streamed on Twitch! https://twitch.tv/TheEvilDungeonMaster


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