Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 52

As the group returns to town, their excitement mounts as they prepare their potion and devise their next plan of action. With Lady Blackiron following Alma’s strange behavior, tension rises as they realize something is amiss. Just as they begin to implement their backup plan, a surprise appearance from Shep’s religious leaders adds another layer of intrigue. And if that’s not enough, Nova’s daring decision to summon Niven in secret takes adds a whole new level of excitement. Don’t miss out on the thrilling developments in the latest chapter of the group’s epic journey!
Steven playing – Seran – Elf – Palladin
Geoff playing – Lord Lee – Human – Knight
Corey playing – Nova – Human – Summoner
Jakob playing – Shep – Human – Actor
Sarah playing – Lady Astrid – Human – Undead Hunter
Vince is the Game Master
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