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Hello adventurers! I wanted to share with y’all something from my Palladium Fantasy 1e campaign: Cordelia’s Chance Collection. This powerful and unpredictable set of cards has been known to bring both good fortune and bad luck to those who dare to draw from it.

The deck is said to be blessed by Cordelia herself, the Goddess of Chaos, Fun, and Love. And let me tell you, the stories of how she came to be the patron of such things are quite the tales, and that’s included as well with this!

What I can tell you now is that this deck holds 20 cards, each with their own unique effect that can either help or hinder your journey. The cards truly offer a range of outcomes, with the deck being housed in a beautiful satin bag with a golden tie; the cards themselves made of thin silver with various intricate designs, it’s no wonder why adventurers are often drawn to the allure of Cordelia’s Chance Collection.

Now, I know what you may be thinking – what about the exact cards and their effects? Well, my friends, those secrets are reserved for my Ko-Fi supporters. But I can promise you that with each draw, the excitement and anticipation of what may come next is always palpable.

Along with the deck, you get a picture and write up of Cordelia herself that can be added to any fantasy campaign.

So, next time you want to have some fun in your campaign with your players, I encourage you to take a chance, drop this deck in your game and see what happens! Who knows what fate may have in store for your player characters? Will it be a minor setback or a game-changing boon? The only way to find out is to embrace the chaos and take a chance with Cordelia’s deck.


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