Friday Night Hangout – An RFI Reunion of Sorts..

Friday Night Hangout – An RFI Reunion of Sorts..

Last night, I did my normal friday night hang out, with Geoff and DM Nick, but I added a little surprise to the show as I secretly invited DM Matt to join us. We had a blast as we over in detail the leaked copy of TSR’s Those Pesky Goblinz, which you can purchase via Amazon we found out!

It’s an interesting little game with a pretty old school feel. Good layout and interesting rules, though I feel somethings could have gone into more detail and description as why it was done that way. Such as Pivot Points – Gygaxian Lore… Which looked like Inspiration from 5e.

Does this mean, Gary or Ernie had a form of Inspiration in the old days, but it never caught on? Why didn’t Joe Bloch find these in the notes you poured over to make Adventures Dark and Deep? Lots of questions no answers.

At one point Dungeon Hobby Shop showed up and expressed a little outrage over how we get a PDF copy, but never responded  further. I guess I am in trouble with them (again?) – Shrug.

Enjoy the show, and it looks like Matt will be a regular part of the show, so why not Sub to the channel!

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