Beyond Earths – Fantasy 1e – Episode 38

The group came back and noticed it was dark and raining, it was odd. The group noticed there were gypsies in town. Nova snuck away and buried the crown deep in the woods and then had a mysterious encounter with his “wife”. Lord Lee wanted to bring his religion into the town and made a proposal. Lady Astrid made sure the people got off the wagon and the gold was transferred to the guild vault. Shep did a tour of the town and handled town business. Everyone slept and woke up the next day noticing it was dark and rainy, then had breakfast. Everyone was poisoned and knocked out, came to and things were missing. They started to investigate as they noticed things were missing, who did? who knows?
Cast of Heroes
Steven playing – Seran – Elf – Palladin
Geoff playing – Lord Lee – Human – Knight
Corey playing – Nova – Human – Summoner
Jakob playing – Shep – Human – Actor
Sarah playing – Lady Astrid – Human – Undead Hunter
Vince is the Game Master
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