Introducing: DeadWinter – Zombie Survival SWADE Game!

A while back, I hosted an actual play podcast called DeadWinter at and DeadWinter started as a 6 episode Zombie Survival Audio Podcast, using the Palladium rules, Dead Reign. While I enjoy the Palladium system, I kind of stayed away from the story in Dead Reign and did my own thing, created my own reason for the Zombie outbreak and started the players at day 0, which normally isn’t done.

It was fun listening to the players react with normal average every day folks at their jobs dealing with this outbreak. I made sure that no one was super over powered or “geared up” for a zombie apocalypse. I wanted to try to capture the horror, surprise and darkness that the world turned into, and have them fear for their character’s life.

It makes immersion into the game better.

The game went great and we had loads of fun, in which you can find out more about the game and listen to the first couple of episodes here:

DeadWinter Catch up


Anyhow, fast forward here.

I brought the game back from the dead, with some survivors, now they are on the road trying to survive by finding supplies, this time using Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rule set.

I again used my own story and my own home made zombies with crazy asshole like people.

The group seems to be having a blast as I introduce you to a few survivors in the first couple of episode and then switch to another group, kind of how a TV show would do it.

Anyhow, go head and check out the first video, exclusive to my channel and if you enjoy, hit that like button, subscribe to the channel and hit that bell notification as I upload video weekly!



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