Its GM’s Day Sale time! Look at the savings!


That’s right folks, the sale is happening. Today is March 4th and the sale has started. The next 11 days you have a chance to see minor and major discounts off some of the very things you maybe had on your wish list. Maybe you’ll see something pop up that you’ve never heard of, heck maybe something someone told you about. Its all on sale!

Think of this sale like a “steam sale”, that wonderful day you get that notification that all the games on steam you wanted are on sale!

That’s how I think about it.

While I am not a PDF guy myself and I prefer hardback copies of books, a discount on a PDF that I really want, might also include a discount on a hardback copy from the site as well.

For example, I’ve had my eye on certain games like Unity RPG Core book, but I wasn’t gonna spend $25 on something and take a chance (Sorry publisher, no offense.. I am sure people say the same shit about anything I do.) But during this sale its only $15 something and that is a better gamble price.. plus also to get it printed it would be another $10 plus tax.. so I am back up to the $25 and I have a hard copy like I enjoy!

There is literally thousands of things to look at in this sale, so if you got some free time today, check out what’s on sale and maybe something will surprise you. Go for it!

Evil out!

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