Book Review? Thrawn!


I’ve had this book in my library collection since it came out for paperback. I nabbed it when I was heavily into reading paperback books at work during my lunch break a while back. I was into reading Star Wars books, the New Jedi Order and the Thrawn Trilogy. 

I forgot how much I really enjoyed that trilogy, so when this book came out, I instantly picked it up. I didn’t read it right away because like anything in life, things happen, distractions happen, and I let the book sit on my shelf dusting away.


I recently picked it up as something to read during downtime since I am home a lot now.

I have to say, I am very impressed with this book.

Well I should say I am impressed with how it turned out. Timothy Zahn is an excellent writer to begin with, but you know I was worried that Disney was paying him to bring a character back to life that he wrote so good in the first place..

I was worried about the character seeming different.

I was completely wrong.

Learning how Thrawn came to be Thrawn and how he was treated along the way in the Empire was super interesting. Getting inside Thrawn’s head and how he looks at people, judging their movements and expressions was absolutely refreshing.

An example is when Thrawn meets people and they have a conversation with them, it immediately jumps into Thrawn’s head and you hear his thought process of things like, “A change in tone, as his eyes narrow, his brow has little bits of perspiration forming.”

Its things like that, that made the book super interesting and I blasted through the entire book in a matter of a couple of days.

I highly recommend it if you are a fan of Star Wars and especially if you love Thrawn, like I do!

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