Shadowrun Fatal Error Ep 1 – Contracts and Beginnings

Roll High or Die presents our very first Shadowrun episode! This actual play takes place in 2070 something, in the middle of Seattle as the story starts with a character from the past named Nikon, who is contracted by MagnifiCorp to bring in or take out a wanted criminal named “BB” for 6 Million. Nikon first goal in town was hire a crew and take back his bar from the Thumbs Up Gang in the seedy part of the town. The rules for this actual play is Shadowrun 5e with some modifications by our Game Master Corey. Enjoy!


Players & Characters on the show:

  • Vince – FranZisco Nikon – Decker
  • Stephen – Brendan Crowe – Mage
  • Geoff – Eddie “the way” Mandelle – Rigger
  • Sarah – Nadia Ordill – Adept
  • Corey – The GameMaster

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