Kickstarter Campaign for Cha’alt: Fuchsia Malaise, ACT NOW!

Venger As’Nas Satanis… za’akier of the hour, Duke of the OSR, High Priest of Kort’thalis Publishing, Master of Retro-Stupid Gonzo, Fucking Boss of a GM, and all-around mad genius is at it again with his latest kickstarter campaign for Cha’alt: Fuchsia Malaise.  

Cha’alt (kickstarted at the beginning of 2019) is considered the best thing to happen to D&D in quite some time.  Check out the reviews:
It’s still eldritch, gonzo, science-fantasy, post-apocalypse, but this time it goes deeper.  Purple prose and subterranean demon-lore dripping with tentacle slime – awakening with stretch goals never before seen.  Check out those updates!  Back this sucker now, because there may never be anything like it again.
Venger has created 18 kickstarters and always over-delivers on-time.  He’s the green-skinned, tentacled, alien humanoid you can trust!

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