The Classic FASERIP Podcast Volume 2 Issue 21 – Back with lots of news/updates!

Topics today:
Spider-man not in the MCU, what is going to happen?
– What will Sony do with Spidey?
– If Apple buys Sony, Spidey goes back to the MCU, so Disney is waiting.

Disney+ is right around the corner with:
– Ms.Marvel
– She-Hulk
– Moon Knight

— Might be changing Magneto up a bit

– Sins of the Dead
– Standups
– Marvel Phile #26
– Marvel Phile #27
– Marvel Phile #28
– Imperious Rex set

– The Marvel Phile will be moving into a monthly magazine format
— Homebrew heroes/villains
— More Canon Heroes & Villains
— Possible powers? Bases?
— Maybe theory articles?
— Interested Join the Unofficial Canon Group, creative team

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