The Evil DM Podcast Let’s Talk Ghostbusters RPG – Episode 2 – Brownie Points Overview

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Let’s talk Ghostbusters RPG, Brownie points. Going over the basics of what they are and how they work in original and GBI Flavor. Link to my creation cheat sheet –… “What are Brownie Points? Glad you asked! Brownie Points are gained and lost during the game depending on how well or poorly your PC is doing. Most new characters start with 20 Points. Bagging a big mean full-torso floating apparition that’s been scaring the Hotel Expensivo guests will earn you bonus Points, while blowing up valuable city property with your experimental high energy neutrino scattergun will cost you Points. As long as you have them, though, they can be used for all sorts of good stuff, such as reducing the healing time you need to recover from wounds. They can also be used to add one die to your total when rolling a check with a Trait or a Talent. Maybe most importantly, Brownie Points can be used to save your ass when things go awry; spending Points can help you avoid the nasty repercussions of failed rolls, lethal injuries, or very, very bad planning by altering the game. In other words, it’s almost like having the powers of the GM to dictate your own fate, on a limited basis. ” – Taken from RPGNET

Link to my creation cheat sheet –

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