The Evil DM Podcast Idols & Efreeti #11: AD&D 1e – My Quick Combat Rules

Hey Folks! In this week’s episode I decide to show you my quick and dirty combat for AD&D 1e. This is how I maintain a quick, smooth and fast combat for my game. I go over the steps with some examples when using minis, along with some ways to explore how to handle combat. Each person has their own way to run combat, some run straight by the book, others modify it to their liking. Here is my method.

  1. Minis are placed, or setup/described theater of the mind.

  2. Actions are decided for players.

  3. D6 side initiative is rolled, lowest roll side goes first.

  4. Spells go off (unless delayed)

  5. Missile weapons go off

  6. Melee and Movement (handled together)

  7. Losing side goes turn

  8. Roll Side Initiative again

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