’80s Cartoons and Adventure Inspirations

While some people believe that the cartoons of the past were mindless and stupid, I find them more interesting now then when I did as a kid.
You see as a child, I watched them when getting home from school, or waking up early, plopping myself down in front of the TV Saturday morning with my bowl of cereal. This is what we did as kids in the ’80s, and while we watched these cartoons, we didn’t really watch them, they were entertainment to pass the time while we waited for friends or family. 

Sure we had video games or computers, but they were expensive and not as affordable as they are today.
Anyhow, as I look back as these cartoons, I can see they are simple and straight to the point, which can be used for ideas for a D&D campaign, or Scifi campaign.
They basically all had the same format of, open up with the heroes in a town or a house, the characters talk a bit, roam around and then something happens, like the one of the big bad’s minions attack somewhere, getting the heroes to respond to the incident.
Like on GI JOE, Cobra will be attacking a certain location, like warehouse, because they need parts for their mega weather dominator that Destro is building. Hmm well that’s an interesting D&D plot, as the big bad is having his minions raid a dwarven mining village for resources to help power a spell he wants to cast later on.
Look at that, one 22 minute silly cartoon and I have a small hook for this weeks D&D game!
Remember folks, not every adventure, every week needs to be epic spanning. Small events happen and heroes need to stop those events too.
You could watch any cartoon and get similar ideas.
Garfield and Friends. Remember that cartoon? Well in most episodes it revolves around Garfield trying to pull the wool over John’s eyes, either by getting that lasagna or getting Oddie kicked out of the house.
Adventure wise for that?
Your group of adventurers, are summoned by the local Lord, who wants his property back from the Baron, so he sends you on a quest to steal it from the Baron, but he also wants you to plant some evidence on the crime scene to set up another local Lord in the process so he will be banished from the kingdom. This adventure right here could be at least a few sessions and it could get the group foes and allies.
Think about it and tell me what you’ve done?

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