Drama? Renaming the OSR? Pointless.

The OSR “movement” has been around D&D 3e was published by WOTC, its been a fine “community”, and like any “community” in a hobby, it has had its ups and downs. 

Every hobby has its bad seeds, that EVERYONE can agree upon with out any issues. Then there are a few that some decide are bad seeds, and other decide they aren’t bad seeds.
This is where a divide comes into play.
This divide in the hobby has been slowly building up since around 2010ish, where certain people  want to take the hobby in one direction using their vision of what they think is the perfect utopia of a “community”
The thing is, the OSR is not a community, its a hobby fully of people doing their own thing, co-existing on one idea of:
“We all enjoy games with style and flavor from an old time era”
That’s all most of us can even agree upon, because there is no one voice, there is no real leadership. Just a bunch of people agreeing this hobby is great, and we all enjoy it.
So let’s just game and have fun, right? Right? NOPE.
There is always a “cluster” of people in any hobby that want to see the hobby in their vision only. Which is rather annoying, because a majority of us in the hobby just want to sit down at the table with old friends (and meet new ones) to chuck some dice, kill some orcs, collect gold and save the day. 
We don’t want drama, in fact when it happens, we read about, roll our eyes and distance ourselves from the drama. We don’t outrage or start judging people, we just move on, keeping in mind of what happened.
Back to the clusters of people though. 
They are the ones who point fingers and outrage. Well its gotten to the point that these folks decided they need to distance themselves from the hobby or rename the umbrella in which the hobby falls under.
Distancing themselves is the logical choice, but that’s too hard, because they’d lose the background, history and legitimacy of the hobby, having to build a new legacy.
So instead they have to force a name change of the umbrella, because that’s easier. Because with name changing comes an authority, and that authority can pick and choose who enters it. Which is the very thing most of the folks scream about.. Gatekeeping.
It really doesn’t matter if you call the OSR the OSR, The Super Friends group, the Amazing Adventures or whatever, its still going to be a hobby we all play of the Old School Gaming Attitude (tOSGA!)
Frankly I am just sick of the bullshit. I just like to sit down, roll some dice and have a laugh or two, share stories with buds. 
Anyone is welcome at my table when there is room, regardless of who you are and what your background is.. because at the table we are all the same (unless you are the DM, then you rule!)
-Evil out!

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