Happy 40th, AD&D 1e Player’s Handbook!

40 years old this month! Happy Birthday!
Just wanted to drop a little note that according to the history timeline of our little hobby, TSR released the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition Player’s Handbook in 1978, June to be precise. Its now 40 years!

This book really opened the game up to me, as its my favorite edition that I love, over any other edition. I spent many of hours back in the ’80s pouring over this book, and Dungeon Master’s guide, soaking in the goodness that was written by Gygax. Sure it was confusing, sure it was all over the place, but I loved it.
This book and I have history, as back then, D&D was not accepted and it was considered Satanic in nature, so smuggling this book to school in my backpack, was always a gamble, “Will Mom, find out?”
First edition inspired so many adventures for years to come in my world of gaming.
I never stopped playing it.
Sure I’ve taken a break, tried other things, and even other editions of D&D (5e coming close to what I liked about 1e, but still not enough).
I have these books on my shelf, and always at my side when I design up adventures, its truly the deadliest edition of D&D, there was no stupid “fairness” and “balancing” when it came to monsters, it taught you to run, and you aren’t a super hero.
These books can be seen on my shelf (see above) and its sad that I have to keep putting them back, because I can’t find a game. YES I am aware, I can do it online, but I can’t take more then 2 hours of playing a game online.
Anyhow, Happy 40th my friend! I hope in another 40 years people will still be loving you to death like me!

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