New D&D 5e (Working) Cleric Weapon: Hammer of Blood

Yep, always pictured the Metallica Kill’em All album Hammer

Pulling open my DM Notebook of years past, I have this weapon from my AD&D 1e days that I am updating to 5e.

This was original for a Cleric that worships a God of war… Such as Tempus or Bane. It can be used for an evil character or carefully by a Good aligned character (as long as they are not Lawful Good).

Cleric Weapon: Hammer of Blood

This weapon appears to be a magical +2 to hit weapon, once identified or attuned the follow properties reveal themselves to you.

  • Drawing first Blood – When any enemy gets to 50% of their health (or Bloodied status) the hammer senses the blood of its enemy and increases to +3 weapon.
  • The Blood of my Enemy, Feeds me – During any battle encounter, after drawing first blood you may declare one of those bloodied enemies as your chosen enemy, and upon a successful strike, you will do an additional 1d8 points of damage, and each round following that you stand alive, the chosen enemy will take that bleeding damage until they are healed. You may use this once after every short rest.
  • The Final Blow, Blood be splattered – Should you land the final on your chosen enemy, you will bash down on him with the power of the Gods, crushing his skull flat, blood splattering everywhere. That blood splatter will cause all enemies around you (15ft radius), 1d4 points of damage. You may use this once after every short rest.

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