Designing Quest items, as talked about on The Pocket Mimic Podcast, After Dark #9!

Designing Quest items, as talked about on The Pocket Mimic Podcast, After Dark #9!

On the After Dark Show for the Pocket Mimic Podcast, Myself, Sal and Zac, spoke about designing up quest items for your campaign in some detail, here is the items broken down for you to use during your games if you’d like!

The Ashes of Witnessing

Wondrous Item
These ashes appear to be nothing more than normal ashes in a small leather pouch to the normal eye when looked upon. One with the ability to determine magic can see the true nature of these somewhat typical ashes in a pouch. The ashes allow the user to see things hidden to the naked and normal eye. Such as doors, magically charged items, spell traps and invisible items. The Ashes of Witnessing also can be used to find the path to a quest item you seek.

To activate or use this magical item, it must be smeared onto their eyes like eye shadow and over the bridge of the nose. Once this is done, the wearer must sit and concentrate (10 minutes uninterrupted) to see what they are seeking. The thing the user will see must be within eyesight, and this does not allow the user to see through walls or inside structures.

To use this to locate an item, the wearer must do the same concentration, but instead of seeing an object, or item, they will see a ghost skeleton hand floating in the air, pointing in the direction they need to travel to find the item they seek. This floating hand will stay with the wearer for 8 hours, and will only point the wearer in the correct direction to go.

The pouch holds enough for two uses, but can be replenished from the ashes of the dead.

The Hand of Tzentok
Very Rare

This appears simply as a humanoid hand attached to a braided cord. The Hand will guide(Hand gestures) the party towards the rest of its original body, in The Tomb of Tzentok. After it is reunited with its body, the hand will simply become a compass (again hand gestures) to nearby treasure. (gold, silver, etc)
Tzentok was a greedy pickpocket who tried to pick the wrong Orc Shaman. He lost his hand and was cursed to never rest until they were reunited.

Lurues Golden Heart
Wondrous Item

Lurue the Unicorn Queen, Queen of talking beasts and steed to Mielikki was the owner of this heart. Long ago before Lurue became a demigoddess she was a powerful Unicorn and protected the forest. When Malar the beast lord attacked her forest he ripped her heart out and left her for dead. Mielikki found Lurue and transfigured her into a demigod and her personal steed. Her lost heart was then also changed to be immortalized into a golden relic. This heart of gold is said to have healing properties of great power. It is said to be able to heal any creature of any ailment.

Quest Ideas:

Great item to quest for to cure a dying village of an infectious disease, or refugees, or zombie plague, or poison of unknown origins.

Heart of Gold Property:

When a person uses the heart of gold to heal another person or creature, it grants the user Inspiration. This item also allows the user to have multiple Inspirations saved up instead of the normal 1. The person or creature that is being healed has to be a complete stranger. Cannot be someone or some creature you already know, or have met before. The Heart has 4 charges per day and restores all for every sunrise. (I’m considering making this unlimited charges but I can’t decide.

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