Mazes & Perils Short Sheet? Mini Sheet? Ideas for a compact character sheet

Here is the sheet printed out compared to two sized note pads
This an idea I got after in my head after playing at someone’s house, we had limited space at the small table, and people kept having to shuffle papers of their character sheet with their note pad and books. 

Printed out by Fitz to show it
We had limited space already at the table and this idea came to my head. So I chopped up the M&P character sheet that good Ol’ +Brian Fitzpatrick had designed up, into a smaller sheet and had him print it out for a second set of eyes and this is what he came up with and he thought it was a neat idea. The above picture is one I printed out, and put it next to two note pads, a normal sized one, and a mini one.  
I think after looking at it, and putting it next to a notepad, my friends at the table will be happy about having the ability to have their character sheet out, in the limited space they have, next to their notepad and not have to flip around through papers.
The only question I am wondering is what I should put on the back?
The ideas I thought about:
  1. Background Notes?
  2. Spells known/used for the day?
  3. To hit AC Chart?
  4. Animal Companions?
So what do you think? What should I include, or take off this sheet, should I even include a back sheet or leave it blank? I would LOVE TO KNOW!

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