D&D 5E Free Mini Adventure Review: Witch’s Cottage

“All who travel the forest fear well the cottage of Halia Whitethorn, a sinister witch who spends her days mixing strange and powerful potions in her workshop. Her tinctures are renowned for their arcane properties, but any adventurer seeking her wares is sure to first find a great deal of danger…

Witch’s Cottage is a 5e one-shot dungeon by Jesse Gazic, written for 1st-level adventurers. The dungeon includes full stat blocks for all encounters and original maps. Jesse can be reached at jessegazic.com or on Twitter. “

(You can travel here to download it free or donate a small amount if you’d like.)

This adventure (well I want to call it a side quest, because I can see my group blowing through this 7 room adventure in like an hour or less) is awesome and highly recommended to pick up.
The first 3 pages is packed with description of each of the rooms along with how to incorporate this into your game. 
The descriptions are enough if you want add a thing or two here and there to help move along your adventure, you can. The author does make a point to say he purposely kept the motivation of the big bag vague, so that you as the DM can determine what it is, to suit your game.
I like this.
The author even goes into some detail/suggestions of what big bad’s motivation could be and how to incorporate that into your game.
The next couple pages are left for monster stats and then finally the OGL.
I highly suggest, using this in your adventure.
I could easily see myself using this to have the characters have visit this creepy cottage in the woods, to recover the finger bone of the recently deceased hell hound or something that is needed for a potion for a dying (insert major NPC here).
– Evil OUT!

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  1. The first sentence is a bit poorly worded. It's like it's not finished. I think this is just a minor wording error.

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