The Evil GM – Dungeon World is in my gaming house.

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So over the weekend, after talking a few people at my local gaming shop, I picked up Dungeon World. I haven’t had a real change to play it or even read it, but after watching the folks play it, the game look really smooth and cool as hell.
Sadly the group has no room for me, as they are already 6 players and a GM. While I was sad, I was glad to see a Game Master whom knew his limits for a game, rather then say, “Oh just join us, and we can have fun.”
He explained as he took down my number that he was very sorry, but he would contact me when someone dropped out and that he cared about the amount of time each player got at the table and how much time he could hold things together to keep it entertaining. 
I can respect that, a lot.
So with a farewell and leaving the gaming store, he gave me a few links to purchase the game pdf and also to start reading up on it.
RPGNOW had the book, so that was easy to remember and it was also easy to remember the SRD site, which I thought was awesome, because I can see how the game works with out having to buy it or waste my time reading fluff. 
Sorry folks, I hate getting into a book, reading all the fluff only to find out, I think the system is not to my liking or its not my cup of tea.
Anyhow, here is the website for the SRD in case you want to try out this D&D like game, that’s played using only 2 d6’s to roll.

3 thoughts on “The Evil GM – Dungeon World is in my gaming house.

  1. Actually I don't. I was kind of excited about it… but after reading it and playing around with it, I didn't like it at all. No big, it didn't cost me more then a few bucks.

  2. I picked up the .pdf a few years ago, and then a month ago picked up the print copy on Amazon. It reads nicely, and I've been meaning to run it for a long time. Haven't gotten to do so yet though.

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