The Evil GM – Ring of Longevity – Edition Neutral

The Ring of Longevity
by the Evil GM

Price:25,000 gp
Type: Ring
Weight –


The ring appears to be an ordinary ring made of solid gold, with one tiny blue gem embedded in the center of the ring. When this ring is put on, it provides the wearer with life-sustaining nourishment, refreshing their mind and body. The user does not need to sleep at all for 1 week at a time. During this time period the wearer does not need to eat or drink. As the week continues, the wearer’s skin starts turning a slight hue of blue, until becoming purple. When the wearer’s skin becomes purple, he has 1 hour to take it off or start taking d4 damage for every 10 minutes the ring is still being worn.

The side effects of this ring are depending on how long its worn, and if a full week (7 days) is used, the wearer will need to sleep and recover for 32 hours with out interruption. If its worn and taken off earlier see table below:

1 day or Less – 8 full hours of rest
2 days            – 12 full hours of rest
3 days            – 16 full hours of rest
4 days            – 20 full hours of rest
5 days            – 24 full hours of rest
6 days            – 28 full hours of rest
7 days            – 32 full hours of rest

Spellcasters that need to prepare spells, follow the same rules for preparing spells, it does not allow a spellcaster to prepare more spells per day.

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