The Evil GM – Prepping for your Game

How do you prep for your game?
I know I like to sit down, watching something that will really get my mind in gear, and then sit down for at least an hour a day, jotting down ideas for adventures.
Now these ideas don’t have to be much more then a simple sentence or two, and don’t worry about spelling mistakes or grammar, just write it down and get it down.

The next day, go back and look at it, see what you can make of this idea, trying to expand upon it.
I know I like to watch cartoons, and what I like to call, “Mind Screw” movies, they get your brain really charged up and moving.
For writing, I used to be a basic pen to paper guy.
As of recent, I’ve been using Evernote on my iPhone 6+. Its a great tool, it helps organize notes into notebooks for your ideas. Best part is you can access it via the web, or another device later on. It is free for the first 60MB per month of space, after that you can decide to pay a fee of $4.99 a month to get 4GB of space per month. 
Now that means, each month you have up to 60MB worth of space to use, and then it resets back to zero the next month. All your stuff stays right there, no worries about that.

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