The Evil GM – New Deity – Tymorn the Cannibal

Tymorn the Cannibal

Type: Titan
Alignment:Chaotic Evil
Symbol: Bloody hand stump
Spheres of Influence: War, Rage and Hate
Typical Worshipers: Barbarians, tribesman, Humanoids of the wild
Avatar Hit-points (Human like form): 360
Armor Class (Human life form): 25 (-5)

Colors Related to god: Black and red
This Titan, when he comes down to stomp on the world, is 25 foot human like being known across the land as a powerful foe, crushing his enemy into the ground and feasting on their dead body during celebration. This god is only known to make a physical appearance when a kingdom has become too “bloated” or too “full of themselves” portraying that no one can oppose them.

His name is only whispered among people, as peasants feel saying his name too loudly will only draw his attention upon them. Some small kingdoms have taken to showing this so called god, respect and honor by sacrificing a person once a year, and having a celebration in his name. The thought process behind this is to show love and admiration of the god, so as he will not crush their entire kingdom into nothing.
The Titan is known to wear all black with hints of red in his normal garb, with a symbol of a bloody hand stump as his symbol.
Followers of this god tend to be primal people, such as Barbarians who live off the land. Followers will also adopt the life style like the Titan, and fill their lives with rage, hate and try to stomp over their foes, and rewarding themselves with the flesh as an offering to appease their god.

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