The Evil GM – 5 Minute Mini-Games – Free RPGNOW product!

I was looking around RPGNOW and I found an interesting little product by Chaotic Shiny Productions, called 5 Minute Mini-Games. Its description as listed above is a simple 9 page document for your game and can be adjusted for any system, from Classic D&D all the way to D&D 5E.

It’s purpose to keep the group busy, if and when you might have a situation where you, as the DM might be busy at the moment focusing on a character that is split from the party. Yes, they are basically “keep them busy” games, but at least its better then the players from breaking out iPads, phones and laptops to lose the mood of your game.
Examples include:
  • Castles and Cornerstones – The old.. here is a bunch of dots on paper, connect each line to another dot, taking turns, until someone gets a box. The most boxes at the end, is the winner!
  • Hand Jousting – Think almost like thumb wrestling.
  • Shocking Stone – Taking turns telling each other riddles and the first one to miss an answer loses.
The games are simple, and a lot of fun. Some of the games are played out by the players themselves, while others are simple dice rolls. Either way it keeps with the spirit of things and keeps the players ROLE-PLAYING. Best of all, ITS FREE! Check it out!

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