What? You want me to pay you to beta your stuff?!

Yup. You heard me. Apparently the news coming out of GenCon 2012 is that Fantasy Flight Games has released the new Star Wars RPG — BETA TEST phase. Cool? Well, not so much. Why? Because they are selling it. Yes you heard me, Selling it. For a cool $30 USD you can BUY the beta rules soft-covered book.

What kills me is that the book is lacking a lot of the artwork, and is lacking a bit of a cinematic Star Wars theme. Let me show you what annoys me about this book, other then the fact the rules are subject to change, because of play testing.

“This limited edition, 224-page softcover rulebook provides you a chance to lead these galactic explorers. This is a complete and playable version of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and (compared to the final version) it excludes only art and certain thematic material.

The bold is directly from their website store, in fine print. $30! Come on, talk about robbing the cash cow! $30 is more like a full complete rules set!

Another thing that could be interesting or not, depending on how you look at it, is it comes with “Stickers” to put on your dice for their “Special Dice” set.

When this does come out, you will have to buy their dice to play the damn game. Hopefully they continue the stickers thing and allow you to download or buy the stickers page cheaply.

My thoughts on buying this, is NOPE. Pass. I’ll wait until it comes out officially, and then spend the money to get it. I’m not buying a book that will be worthless to the game itself in a year or so.

2 thoughts on “What? You want me to pay you to beta your stuff?!

  1. Well, that would be cool, buy the beta, get 50% off or something. But to fork over $30 for a changing game and then more then likely $40 to $50 for a final, plus their stupid dice? Hell no!

  2. they did the same thing with Only War, but at least that was a PDF, and if you forked out for it, you would get the twenty bucks off the full PDF. I still couldn't afford it, but reading their forums out me off even more. Something tells me that they'll change sod all. Only war is pretty much the same system used in the other four WH40k RPGs they do. They've had the chance to check the rules by now, they've released it to ride the coat tails of beta test buzz brought about by DnD next.

    Annoyingly though, I will still probably end up buying Only War, but tar Wars; not so much.


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