A peak at the FFG: Star Wars Beta

So after listening to the Order 66 podcast, I decided, after bitching and crying, that I wanted to see this damn game and ordered the book. Not only did it take a week to even ship, the book came in this huge box 3 times the size of it. Made me laugh and then cry, as I realized what I paid in shipping. Thanks FFG!

The book itself is about the same as if I got one of my college class books, you know those books that you paid tons of money for, but wasn’t the best quality.

Sure its full color, and has some pictures. Here is a couple of shots of the inside, the rules and the tables when building a character.

Here is the sticker sheet on the back, so you can make your own dice!

I haven’t read it yet, but from the looks of it, it reminds me of a tech manual from school, and I can see this book falling apart after much usage.

BUT I love Star Wars, and I wanted to TRY it out. So the only sucker, would be me, if I didn’t like it.

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