What the hell, Wotc is killing my game? No it’s just greedy bastards out there.

Today I was looking through some prices on amazon.com for 1e books. What did I notice since the announcement of the 1E reprints by WOTC? Prices on the rise, I mean like outrageous prices. Not only that, but used book prices are pushing up. After hearing from various people there used book orders had been returned, I went on amazon and ordered a ad&d 1e phb, dmg, and mm. All prices had been under $7, and I made sure to note the company names. Sure enough, a day later my orders were refunded, and canceled. What the hell? Do these people really think because the reprints are going for so much, they can jack up the prices of these old musty used books? I indirectly blame Wizards for this, because they knew, doing what they would, would only inflate the current market prices. Anyone who says they wouldn’t is a liar. So the prices have gone up,for a book that doesn’t compare to the shit being rolling out by wizards, or ccp, or any company…quality style wise. Now a new person looking at this, is like why should I pay $35 for a book from the 80s with just type and line art, when I can buy a full color fancy book? It’s simple they don’t. Thanks again, WOTC!

One thought on “What the hell, Wotc is killing my game? No it’s just greedy bastards out there.

  1. I'm with the other commenters on this one. Wizards of the Coast reprinting the 1e books and donating to the Gygax Memorial is pretty unambiguously good news in my opinion. Complaining about used book sellers jacking up their prices is fine, but I don't see this as WotC's fault.

    If those sellers actually are able to charge higher prices for their books and people are paying those inflated prices, that indicates more demand for the books, perhaps due to renewed interest from WotC's reprint announcement. If that's the case, that's awesome news! That means that people are interested in 1e again, perhaps people who haven't played in years.

    I'm an economist by training, so I believe in supply and demand. If used book sellers are jacking up their prices unfairly, then no one will pay and the prices will eventually come back down. But if they're raising prices because they've got people willing to pay more for a limited supply of older books, that means there's more demand, which means more interest in the game and more potential players. That's a GOOD thing!

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