PDF’s at the gaming table… Annoying or Useful?

PDF’s at the gaming table… Annoying or Useful?

First off let me start by saying PDF’s at the game table is very very useful. I know, I know, damn kids and their new technology! But hear me out first on this, why its so great.

1. You can easily search for things in a pdf, because most readers have a find function, and it will bring you to the exact thing you are looking for.

2. You can carry all the books in your collection with you, inside one device.

3. Moving around is easy, You device, your dice, paper & pencil.. (or would you rather a large backpack full of books that is about 50 lbs?)

Its that simple, you click the device on, open the PDF, search for what you want, read it, click off the device.

I know you are saying that its battery powered or your netbook has to be plugged in and it takes up space.. Nope.

It takes up just as much space as having a pile of old books sitting at the table or on the floor infront of you.

The battery will last. Most netbooks can have a powerlife of 10 to 12 hours of STRAIGHT use, the iPad has about 8 hours, the Galaxy tab has about 6 to 8hrs.

So if you take these devices, close it or click it off, they can last days at a time.

Think twice before you laugh at the guy who brings an iPad to the table for his books, because if you think about it, he isn’t the one lugging a giant bag around with him full of books.

One last note, PDF’s are usually cheap to pick up then an actual book.

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  1. Oh yes, our group has always used PDFs. Much easier because we all always have our laptops with us. Plus I can whip up whatever I need with excel or what have you while the game is going.

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