Big Eyes Small Mouth.

Here is another game that I stumbled into like 10 years ago, and it was a fun little system. It was produced by the now defunct Guardians of Order, and is owned by White-Wolf now. Anyhow, great little system that uses 2d6 for everything. Simple stats and simple skills. “Big Eyes, Small Mouth” (typically abbreviated BESM) is a highly flexible roleplaying game system, although created with anime in mind–it’s title playing off the stereotypical character design of anime and manga–it can be used for almost any type of roleplaying game setting or genre. The stats in BESM, which represent your characters innate abilities, are as follows:

BODY– Body represents everything physical about a character. Health, strength, endurance, dexterity, and speed–anything related to physical activity–are all covered by the Body Stat.

MIND– Mind represents everything mental about a character. Mind represents the ability to learn, make judgements, solve puzzles, and be aware of dangers in the surrounding area.

SOUL– Soul represents everything qusai-spiritual about your character. Self confidence, willpower, focus, fate and balance with the universe are all covered by the Soul Stat. Most things relating to the supernatural and things that tax a character’s inner strengths or morals relate to the Soul Stat..

When creating characters, players get a number of points (assigned by the GM, based on the power level he or she wants in the game) to assign to stats. Stats can never go above 12.

There is also a list of skills for your character to have, as well as other speciall things a character can do, like “special power”, depending on the type of game your GM wants to run.

Combat in BESM is pretty simple and its a three step process:

Step 1: Initiative
Step 2: Character Actions (Attack, Defend, Other)
Step 3: Resolution (Assign Damage, Heal, Finish Combat, Other)

Here is a character sample named Morpha

I didn’t get to play it that much, but from what I remember it was a fun little system, and it can be used to play ALMOST anything you can thing of with all the stuff put out by it. Check it out, BESM 2E.

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